Whenever you are planning your upcoming party or event, you know that it is extremely vital to hire a professional photographer to be able to capture the important details in high-quality photos. However, you should keep in mind that each moment that takes place at your party is worth capturing. All of them are important.  

Hiring a professional photographer is an excellent idea for your event. However, you can make it a lot better if you add a photo booth for your guests.  

Here are several reasons why you should rent a photo booth in addition to your photographer: 

Take Home a Piece of Your Event  

For those who don’t know, if you rent from a well-known photo booth company, you can also order coffee mugs and t-shirts printed with your photo booth image. This is one feature a photographer isn’t going to be able to provide. However, it can be one of the most memorable highlights of your event. A professional photo booth rental company has options to enable you to have your photos printed on different novelty items. Then, they will ship it to your address. This is an excellent way for your guests to remember your party for a lot of years to come. They will always be reminded of how great your event is.  

Share the Love 

A professional photo booth rental will offer your guests the opportunity to email their photos to people or upload them on their social media accounts. Unfortunately, a professional photographer isn’t going to be able to provide these options to your guests on the spot.  

That Additional Inspiration 

A professional photographer is going to get a reaction if they point their camera at your guests and tell them to smile. On the other hand, a photo booth that provides photo props, a simple editing program, and a green screen background is going to provoke works of art that a professional photographer won’t inspire. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with hiring an expert photographer. It is simply your guests. They can find a whole different form of inspiration if they are given their own tools to work with.  

The Moments Your Photographer Will Miss 

A professional photographer’s job is to mill around your party to capture photos that will really help your guests remember your event. However, even if your photographer is extremely talented, it can be extremely difficult for them to be there at every moment.  

On the other hand, if you’ve got a photo booth, you are inviting guests to capture photos that your photographer can’t. Aside from that, a photo booth offers your guests an opportunity to capture high-quality photos that they can share online.  

Hiring a photographer is only half of the battle when planning an event. You can easily improve your event if you include a photo booth with your event. With this, your guests can capture photos from their own perspective. They can also share these photos on their social media accounts as soon as they want to.